Art & Creativity

Art is my work , being a chef , my job is beyond cooking …….Chef duty is more than just food. I loves the beauty being a chef , i got the freedom to express my creativity with no boundary and limit.

Kitima cooking class was established another trend for Cape Town food scene.

My garden of eden

One of the highlight of Kitima cooking class is our bonsai gallery and organic herb garden tour to explore the art and culture from the Orient. Asian cooking is about health benefit and healing from Ying and Yang philosophy.

Review from CapeTown Foodblog – By Melvin



Kitima Magical Garden

Unveils garden of eden of Kitima – Hydroponic Greenhouse using modern technology grown superb quality of produce require very low cost energy and labour with amazing harvest of crips lettuce and others vegetables supply kitchen of Kitima and Raya Kitchen daily usage.


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Over The Moon

Mooncake story Moon Festival was my childhood favourite festival celebration….. to eat mooncakes, pray the moon under the sky and the making lantern always the best part then all the children in our village gather together compare each other creation every year.Another best part is enjoy eating mooncakes a month long or more before the…