Jewel Of The Sea – Cape Abalone

At the southern tip of the African continent lies a land blessed with a wealth treasures. The waters of this rugged coastline yield a sought-after treasure – Cape Abalone , Haliotis midae, prized for its exquisite taste, earning it the title, ‘jewel of the sea’.
Here we farm our abalone using advanced systems to recreate the natural environment and cultivate this unique delicacy.

The pristine nature and ideal temperature of the ocean at Danger Point along with an abundant supply of local nutrients is the perfect environment for Cape Abalone to thrive. Our skilled team maintain these ideal conditions enabling us to nurture our premium quality I&J Cape Abalone.

Food production styling project for South Africa Premium Cape Abalone Catalog 2022

Cape Abalone – Fresh or Canned

Freshly caught abalone one of my favorites way to prepare is the simplest and easy, off the shell and well clean and pad dry. Sashimi style served popular in some of the best seafood restaurant in SA

Sashimi salad – This is probably is easier way and yet to enjoyed this amazing product. A perfect way to taste the superior sea water taste and succulent texture of the cape abalone.

Cape Abalone – Dried

Chinese traditional braised abalone enriched with superior stock with golden glossy gravy and texture accompanied sea cucumber Japanese tea mushroom and Dried Scallop

Absolutely delicacy for the banquet dinner or ultimate scumption dishes for the feast indeed braised with superior stock enhanced the rich stock and others ancient recipe to produce this dish.

Cape Abalone – Fresh

The most popular way to enjoy in South Africa is called braai -barbeque with very thin slice or teppanyaki style is another way to cook it for the ultimate result.

Wok cooking is commonly served in most Chinese and Asian restaurant, With extreme high heat and fast wok stir fry is always a winner for fresh Cape abalone.

As project consultant for food production and styling for South Africa Premium Cape Abalone Catalog 2022

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